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During our time working with our Clients, we have developed a tried and true Process that works well for our development projects. Creating a comprehensive experience means having a comprehensive process that is both agile and evolutionary.

Even as the web evolves, we have found two tenets applicable to every project:

1. No two initiatives are alike.
Online ventures are as unique as the people who champion them. This means our methodology must adapt to the complexities, parameters and endless possibilities each new project presents.

2. An integrated product requires an integrated team.
From project kick-off to completion, an assigned core of strategists, developers, designers, and architects work as a unified team. We feel this cross-competency approach spurs innovative solutions, compresses deadlines and ensures a dialogue of continuous checks-and-balances through the life of your project.

Due to the organic nature of online ventures, sometimes we can accomplish different process steps in tandem, depending on a project's complexity and scope. In the end, no stone is left unturned, and often a new stone and path are revealed.

Our process involves 4 main project stages with various steps within.

[ ] Define Mission & Goals
[ ] Define Technical Requirements
[ ] Create Visual Concept Prototypes
[ ] Create Interface prototypes

[ ] Build HTML Templates
[ ] Design Databases
[ ] Conduct Alpha Testing
[ ] Create Graphics & Photo Art
[ ] Use Specifcations to Complete Interface

[ ] Populate HTML Pages
[ ] Conduct Platform tests
[ ] Conduct user Interface Tests
[ ] Insert & modify any Graphics as Needed
[ ] Write & Insert your written Material

[ ] Maintain Content Updates
[ ] Conduct Enhancement options
[ ] Hosting Add-ons
[ ] Search Engine optimization

The final result is a compelling product, appropriate to the unique goals, requirements and characteristics of your online inquiry.


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